My readings – 2014 Week 40

  1. Six reason to define constructors with only one argument
    This is very good article to explain clearly why single input argument is better than multiple one.  I also learnt optional new anti-pattern and idempotency, which is very important when dealing with distributed transactions.  More related readings in here and here.
  2. Why using web fonts
    You can get more ideas and how to use web fonts from this post.  And compares existing web font services in the market from this post.  This post also talked about issue of @font-face usage.
  3. Email templates for major mail clients
    Read this post, this post and that post to start building your email templates; I used Premailer and, they are easy to use.
  4. How to Build a Responsive Website That Supports Older Browsers
    I learnt those polyfills mentioned in this post and probably need to take some time to look at Respond.js.
  5. A good checklist for mobile UX
  6. Improvements in IE11
    When reading it, I found that I don’t know what is SPDY.  Then I search more, and find out that this is a fast HTTP protocol; and I think it is great to learn more about how to use server push and hint (link tag) to improve UX for your website.  You can get more information from Wikipedia and Google.  I tried to find more about hint usage, how to use/handle in different browsers; but I can’t find any single source mentioning this.  Please kindly share if you have any good resource about this.
  7. CSS Shapes
    It is very cool CSS tricks; It can be widely used once most of popular browsers are supported.  I really like the hover transition using this new CSS trick.
  8. Flexbox by CSS Tricks
  9. 5 JavaScript Array methods, Reduce method is also new to me.
  10. Interesting JavaScript library to detect language for text

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