Full stack developer?

I would like to share what my thinking about the tile of full stack developer.

  1. After I dive deeply in the front-end world, there are lots of things you needed to learn and pay a great effort to keep updated with the latest market standards.
  2. Previously I am a backend developer, I build some simple forms and layouts.  However once I moved to retail industry, the front-end side is quite heavy and complicated; and there are many background scripts running to support different features such as analytics, image lazy loading, animations, custom UI (sticky navigation), etc.
  3. If you are a C# developers, you will know that JavaScript is totally different; and one of the major difference is the closure concept.  As you need to know more about JavaScript syntax, jQuery, jQuery UI and many other shared libraries.
  4. Even worse, if you built an UI intensive website; you need to manage your CSS in a smart way.  In general, you will get to use some modular CSS tools and frameworks, e.g. SASS, Compass, OOCSS, etc.
  5. Oh! forget to mention the backend side; like me I need to update my C# languages; some Enterprise libraries, e.g. MS Enterprise libraries, NHibernate, Entity framework, etc.
  6. I think it is very tough job to have a position to know and keep updated with the market trends/standards in all these areas.
  7. I don’t think it is a good and healthy to assign all these works to a single position.  This may impact to the quality of the work.
  8. Above is just my sharing, and I am taking the assumption that you are working in a big and UI intensive website like retail website.  I think it makes more sense if this is a position hiring by a small to medium size company.

You are welcome to share your minds, please feel free to reply.  Just my little thought!!


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