My readings – 2014 Week 43

  1. Web Components from CSS Tricks
  2. SMIL from CSS Tricks – if you are interested in SVG animation and want to give a try; then you probably will love to read more about this post.
  3. Good post to explain React.js – I haven’t used React.js before, I am interested to learn more about the differences of existing model-view related frameworks, such as AngularJS, KnockoutJS, ember.js, etc.  This is a good post to explain what React.js is.
  4. Simple JavaScript example, but I do learn few new techniques from it.
  5. Visualizations using JavaScript
    a. D3.js
    b. Angular-chart.js
    c. Other 7 visualization libraries
    d. Online charts
  6. Interesting js library “passwordless” that generate one-time use token for user access instead of password.
  7. Web Performance Optimization, don’t have time to read and follow up the whole list; but I really want to build a golden list for web developers role, both frontend and backend development.
  8. A collection of posts from SitePoint about Sassy
    a. CSS Post-Processing “Pleeease
    b. Using Sass Maps; if you are using Sass, you should need to know the new type.
    c. Debugging Sass Maps
  9. Critical rending path; it is good to know how browser renders the page and where the bottlenecks are.
  10. A grateful fallback for SVGs in Old IE; if you still build web for IE8, this post will give you some tricks.

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