My readings – 2014 week 47

  1. It is very impressive to me and I believe animation will get hot soon next year, read this and this posts and take some time to try GSAP.
  2. A pure CSS toggle button in jsFiddle
  3. Awesome examples: please take a few min to look at this site to feel how powerful CSS animation is.
  4. Viewport units: vw, vh, vmin, vmax
  5. Test how mobile-friendly your site is using this tool
  6. What you can do with CSS level 4 selectors

My readings – 2014 week 46

  1. Good post to provide a different view for Grunt and Gulp and why should stop using it.  I am still out of the loop as I haven’t try using Grunt and Gulp.  After reading this post, I will definitely try more on npm first.
  2. Very interesting post to list out problems with AngularJS; and there is a *follow-up post also worth to read.
  3. A *free online book about SVG to share
  4. A nice library, Clippy to clipping elements using CSS clip-path property; however this property is not supported in any of IE version yet.  And it can be used in your CSS animation.
  5. Very powerful library, *perfmap to show the performance of your webpage visually, or just have a quick try using its chrome extension.
  6. Start learning EMCAScript 6: New number methods and New function syntax.  I like the syntax of rest param, it is really cool and convenient.
  7. 5 Console methods that you may not know
  8. 12 Essential Responsive Design Tools, please try it and tell me which one you like most
  9. CSS calc; It is good to know that you can do some arithmetic operation in CSS.  Allow you to have one more option to style the layout.
  10. An interesting technique to do XSS vulnerabilities, imagejs.
  11. A good post to share how to avoid problems in your work using KnockoutJS.
  12. Very cool CSS animations to share.
  13. CSS Counters, this post shows different usages.
  14. Simple example of using CSS flex display block.
  15. Common problems to be avoided when writing CSS.

My readings – 2014 Week 44

  1. 10 Smart Search Engine Marketing Tactics – it is a good post to give a summary about what you can do to make your website in the high ranking from search engine.
  2. Offline.js, it helps to detect your network go offline
  3. MatchingHeight, it is a library to make all your divs in the same height; I haven’t tried, let me know if there is any performance issue.
  4. Masonry, it is a framework to help align all your divs on the page.
  5. CSS Windows and Orphans style; I didn’t know these properties until I read this post.  It is good to know, otherwise I believe it is tough to do it with other approaches like JavaScript.
  6. Better text semantics in HTML5, I believe search engine will read it in the future and affect your page ranking.