My readings – 2014 Week 44

  1. 10 Smart Search Engine Marketing Tactics – it is a good post to give a summary about what you can do to make your website in the high ranking from search engine.
  2. Offline.js, it helps to detect your network go offline
  3. MatchingHeight, it is a library to make all your divs in the same height; I haven’t tried, let me know if there is any performance issue.
  4. Masonry, it is a framework to help align all your divs on the page.
  5. CSS Windows and Orphans style; I didn’t know these properties until I read this post.  It is good to know, otherwise I believe it is tough to do it with other approaches like JavaScript.
  6. Better text semantics in HTML5, I believe search engine will read it in the future and affect your page ranking.

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