My readings – 2014 Week 49

  1. place you can find different style guides for reference.
  2. A JS library for interaction such as drag-and-drop similar to jQuery UI drag and drop.
  3. A cool websites listed some great CSS animiated examples.
  4. A post with details how to set up and use remote IE.
  5. A old post about nth CSS selector, but it is good to read it.
  6. You definitely needed to read these 2 posts if you are use @extend in your SASS – tell you when to use @extend and how @extend behaves in your SASS.
  7. To optimize a faster loading experience, you can try to apply critical path CSS using this tool.
  8. Do you know currentColor CSS property?
  9. If you are interested about speech recognition on the web, you will like to read this post.
  10. *Service worker – I believe this is the next hot topic that we will work on this and more libraries will be created for this; it makes client-side development more powerful.  You should read this, even you may not use it in the near future.
  11. Read a post talk about a 101 JS util library, which works with Vanilla JS; don’t know what is Vanilla.  Then I go to Vanilla site and find that is the most lightweight framework, already loaded in browsers, and faster to retrieve DOM using Id/tag name compared to other frameworks, e.g. jQuery, Dojo, Prototype JS, etc.  Need to take some time to try it.
  12. CSS clip-path with animation, it is so great to see how clip-path works with animation.

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