My readings – 2014 Week 51

  1. What’s new in C# 6.0
  2. Top 10 C# 6.0 language features; I love the conditional access operator.
  3. Want to learn CSS animation? if you are newbie, you can read this CSS Animation For Beginner post.
  4. Good post to share about doing animation correctly: Five ways to animate responsibly.
  5. Text on images from CSS Tricks.
  6. What is the performance for each popular client-side MVC framework?  Read this post to get the answer.
  7. Avoid SCSS @extend
  8. *This is one of todo task in my list; try different MV* framework.  Go visit: TodoMVC.
  9. If you need to write Installer for your program in .Net, you can try use this installer extension.

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