My readings – 2014 week 52

  1. JavaScript Application Architecture on the road to 2015.
  2. AsyncTask, DefineJS ES6 Features: I think it is great to have a wrapper for running methods asynchronously.
  3. * General reference: Training for Software Developer
  4. Difference between List and ArrayList
  5. Algorithm: Solution using Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) for Travelling Sales Person (TSP) problem.
  6. The title of the post makes me read it: How to avoid 26 API requests on your page?  after reading, it is good to know that Asp.Net Web API supports DefaultHttpBatchHandler and already have client side library like jquery.batch and batchjs as well.
  7. Read this post if you want to create your own NuGet templates.
  8. If you want to store data off-line for client-side application, you can consider using Firebase; you can try out the tutorial.
  9. Fibonacci number is a common question you may be asked in an interview.  Do you want to know fast way to calculate a large fibonacci number; read this post.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


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