My readings in 2015 week 2

  1. A JavaScript animation library, Velocity.js.  The 3D demo is quite impressive, just wonder how difficult if it is done by pure CSS.
  2. If you need to handle type conversion intensive in JavaScript, you may interest about this library, type.js.
  3. This post doesn’t bring any new idea,  but it reminds us that we should do our best to make the code clean, understandable and maintainable.
  4. An interesting post to create semantic types in C#; I wouldn’t comment whether the approach is good or not; but the technique used in the implementation is good for learning.
  5. Session hijacking in ASP.Net application.  This post tells you how to prevent this happen and it is good to understand how it happens.
  6. It is good to know about what’s coming up soon about building web components.  HTML imports is one of the technique to build shared components.
  7. Similar to other validation/recommendation tools such as JSLint, JSHint, now HTML Inspector is the tool to help you write better HTML markups.
  8. Found an old post about a circuit breaker pattern when I am reading another post.
  9. Did you hear about HTML5 WebSocket?  You can get some idea from this post.
  10. CSS Gradient Animator: friendly online tool to animate gradient.
  11. Tools for testing website performance:  I would like to try some of them; please kindly share your experience if you used any of them before.
  12. Normalizing Cross-browser Flexbox Bugs: you should read this if you are going to use Flexbox on your webpage.
  13. What’s new in CSS in 2015: This is a good post to find this answer.
  14. How to optimize your content: I like one of the tools “Headline Analyzer” mentioned in this post.
  15. 6 productivity apps you’ll never want to be without: I would like to share it and I start trying Boomerang today; how about you?

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