My readings in 2015 week 4

  1. Logging dynamically when entry and exit method with CallerMethodName attribute.
  2. It is amazing!  I can’t believe it can be done by pure CSS.
  3. It is good to know the ActionMethodSelector attribute in MVC if you easily manage a page calling to different actions based on submitted data.
  4. Good post to show you how to build and use SVG on your page.
  5. It is a good checklist to begin with for better usability.
  6. I like simple and this post give you a very simple and clear high-level understandings of multithreading and async.
  7. It is great to share experiences from other developers using BEM and SMACSS; and get advice from them.
  8. It is a short post about understanding JavaScript errors; but it may help you to save lots of time to fix errors.
  9. Here are some tools allowing us to test our websites across a variety of devices, or across a series of different browsers and operating systems over the interwebs.
    1. Ghostlab
    3. Browser Stack
    4. Wraith
    5. Finch
  10. More tools for website performance and mobile-friendly.
    2. SpeedCurve
    3. Google Mobile Friendly test
  11. Read this post about Tools for image optimization.
  12. Git bisect to help you locate which commit causes the broken feature/bug. Other related posts are:
    1. step by step to use git bisect
    2. git bisect documentation
    3. debugging with Git
  13. .Net becomes Open Source, I can’t wait to know about this great news.
  14. This is really a good post “Why Your Code Is So Hard To Understand” and I think every developers should read it to remind yourself how to make your code easily understandable.

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