My readings in 2015 week 13

  1. A short post about C# Tuple.
  2. A nice post to show you how to create your own SQL CLR function.
  3. WireShark video tutorial, I finally have time to watch this video; and this is useful for a WireShark newbie like me.
  4. HTML5 In 3 days, it gives an overview of HTML5 and good for beginners.

Not many posts this week. ūüôā


My readings in 2015 week 12

  1. BrowserSync, I finally give a try to this tool; it is nice and easy to use for web development testing across different browsers.
  2. It is good to share hover.css again as it gets more hover animations supported since last share.
  3. Hash the form name to provide one more security layer to a web form submission.
  4. Not everyone familiar with APPLY operator in T-SQL, it is good to share this post about “Apply operation in SQL Server” to understand how to apply to your query.
  5. Historical Debugging with IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2015 video.
  6. Read this post about “Top 10 oddball tech job interview questions“, can’t imagine that Twitter will ask you “why the earth is round?”
  7. It is awesome to have developer tools to building apps using Cortana. I am excited with the speech recognition library too.  When Microsoft will give a trial for this?
  8. HTTP/2, this will definitely become the standard in the coming few years.
  9. SASS Map, it is like a json object that you can use in SASS to make your code more readable.

My readings in 2015 week 11

  1. Good to read this post and see how people find talent software engineers; and I think the common technique is to evaluate your problem solving in an open question; and how fast you can pick up new stuffs.
  2. Smart Unit Tests in VS2015; It is really a great feature for devs dealing with legacy code.  You can create unit tests for your legacy code by 1 click.  It is awesome!!! watch this video.
  3. Object.Observe Рif you write JavaScript, you should read it.  This makes it possible to do 2-way binding in plain JavaScript without any 3rd party library.
  4. Good article to teach you how to user CSS to layout a list of items on a responsive webpage.
  5. It is a very good post Side Effects in CSS; after read it, I planned to start learning BEM framework/syntax.
  6. 3 JavaScript Libraries to keep an eye on in 2015; As a microsoft stack developer, I didn’t know Meteor and Rendr before, but I think it is good to learn more what happen in JavaScript world.
  7. Isomorphic JavaScript, what does it mean?  Read this article for this concept.
  8. For c# devlopers ,pleas don’t miss this post, top 5 .Net memory management misconceptions.
  9. How to implement SEO friendly url in ASP.Net from CodeProject.
  10. Interesting findings for optional parameter in C# compiler.
  11. Recently read a post on CodeProject site, How many memory leaks can you find.  I get interested about how to use RedGet ANTS Memory Profiler to locate memory leaks.
  12. Simple technique (not easy for me) using CSS to highlight table row and column.
  13. Highly recommend to read this post “Top 5 .Net Memory Management Misconceptions” to have better understanding on .Net memory management.
  14. Refresh your knowledge: Understanding association, aggregation, and composition.
  15. Interesting post about “what is good code“, read the post and check¬†if the answer match yours.
  16. This is a simple post to clearly understand the CCS animation-fill-mode property with examples.
  17. If you care about performance of your website, you should read this post to learn how to improve your website for first-time visits using Inlining criticial CSS.
  18. An open source Siri, do you want to give a try?  you can read this post to know how to start using this digital assistant for your product/website.

My readings in 2015 week 10

  1. Do you know what object id uses for during .net debugging?  It is already available few years ago, but few knows it.  I recently read this post (and related post#1 and post#2) and learn about it.
  2. A good example to use C# 6.0 Conditional Access operator for event handler invocation.
  3. It is a must-read post from Scott Hanselman if you are doing benchmark of any .Net system/components.  It is great place you can find the approach and other useful references.
  4. This is an old post, but it is useful to show you know to debug your code even it is multi-threading or parallel tasks.
  5. is a good site to know and explore; find tools to help you building a fast site.
  6. You can read some dev books from¬†DevFreeBooks. It’s free!!!

My readings in 2015 week 8

  1. Accidental CCS Resets from CSS Tricks. ¬†It uses background, font, etc. as examples; but normally I don’t have this problem as I will order short-hand property¬†before all sub properties.
  2. It is always good to explore new features/version asap.  If you have time, read this article to learn about ES6.
  3. Create Animated Text Fills. It is so cool and I don’t know there are so many different ways to create animated text.
  4. Good to read Chainable BEM Modifier, and get other’s experience using BEM.
  5. Introducing @counter-style, tells you how to define counter-style using CSS Counter Style Level 3.
  6. It is really a very old article posted in 2003, but I wonder that every C# developer knows about banker’s rounding¬†(find it from Money Precision Issues).
  7. UX Check: it is an interesting Chrome extension to help you identify usability issues.
  8. How to define enumeration in JavaScript using Object.defineProperties.
  9. It is a starting point for guidelines:  how to use the HTML5 sectioning elements.
  10. Understand JavaScript Closures, Callbacks and IIFEs.  It is always good to revise what you learnt.
  11. Interesting post: Implementing Enumeration Inheritance using Roslyn based VS Extension. Just wonder, what real-life example will need this?
  12. Overview of new features of .net 4.6 framework.
  13. A security checklist you should use to verify your .Net website.
  14. Good article to know more about string interpolation in C#6.0.
  15. Introducing ASP.Net 5.0, I really like that you can configure your website to run just enough modules you really needed, read “Fast Http Performance” section to know more.