My readings in 2015 week 8

  1. Accidental CCS Resets from CSS Tricks.  It uses background, font, etc. as examples; but normally I don’t have this problem as I will order short-hand property before all sub properties.
  2. It is always good to explore new features/version asap.  If you have time, read this article to learn about ES6.
  3. Create Animated Text Fills. It is so cool and I don’t know there are so many different ways to create animated text.
  4. Good to read Chainable BEM Modifier, and get other’s experience using BEM.
  5. Introducing @counter-style, tells you how to define counter-style using CSS Counter Style Level 3.
  6. It is really a very old article posted in 2003, but I wonder that every C# developer knows about banker’s rounding (find it from Money Precision Issues).
  7. UX Check: it is an interesting Chrome extension to help you identify usability issues.
  8. How to define enumeration in JavaScript using Object.defineProperties.
  9. It is a starting point for guidelines:  how to use the HTML5 sectioning elements.
  10. Understand JavaScript Closures, Callbacks and IIFEs.  It is always good to revise what you learnt.
  11. Interesting post: Implementing Enumeration Inheritance using Roslyn based VS Extension. Just wonder, what real-life example will need this?
  12. Overview of new features of .net 4.6 framework.
  13. A security checklist you should use to verify your .Net website.
  14. Good article to know more about string interpolation in C#6.0.
  15. Introducing ASP.Net 5.0, I really like that you can configure your website to run just enough modules you really needed, read “Fast Http Performance” section to know more.

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