My readings in 2015 week 12

  1. BrowserSync, I finally give a try to this tool; it is nice and easy to use for web development testing across different browsers.
  2. It is good to share hover.css again as it gets more hover animations supported since last share.
  3. Hash the form name to provide one more security layer to a web form submission.
  4. Not everyone familiar with APPLY operator in T-SQL, it is good to share this post about “Apply operation in SQL Server” to understand how to apply to your query.
  5. Historical Debugging with IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2015 video.
  6. Read this post about “Top 10 oddball tech job interview questions“, can’t imagine that Twitter will ask you “why the earth is round?”
  7. It is awesome to have developer tools to building apps using Cortana. I am excited with the speech recognition library too.  When Microsoft will give a trial for this?
  8. HTTP/2, this will definitely become the standard in the coming few years.
  9. SASS Map, it is like a json object that you can use in SASS to make your code more readable.

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