My readings in 2015 week 14

  1. Numeric Inputs – A Comparison of Browser Defaults from CSS Tricks.
  2. Problem with for…in and JavaScript Array.
  3. This link shows you c# in a more functional way, it is interesting to have a read.
  4. Simple to use CSS to disable text selection on your webpage.
  5. Handle custom font loading smartly; read this post if you load custom font using @font-face.
  6. Very high level introduction of SQL Server (2012) metadata.  It is good start to get some basic information of SQL Server metadata.
  7. It is good to send email with async method in ASP.Net to give response back to user asap.
  8. Recently I worked on a security module; and need to use cookie; and I found that to make your cookie secure, you need to turn on Secure flag; These 2 posts give you a clear explanation on how secure cookie works and undesired behavior in modern browsers.

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