My readings in 2015 week 15

  1. 10 handy disposable online services.  See how many you konw/use before.
  2. Know more about “Static” keyword in C#.
  3. Calculate permutation using dynamic programming in C#.
  4. BEM 101 from CSS-Tricks.  I know BEM, but haven’t learnt it; it is good to start with 101.
  5. ECMAScript 6: you can get a feature overview what ES6 is.
  6. ES6 iteration with examples.
  7. How to write high performance HTML?  it is a good checklist that your HTML work to follow.  Applies if it is good for your page.
  8. CSS Dig; a chrome extension to analyze CSS in your website.  I would like to give a try to see if it can really help me to understand styles on my web site and how to standardize them.
  9. I spent 2-hours to figure out why session variable created in ASP.Net web service method set to null between calls.  After I read above link (discussion thread), I changed Session Mode in web.config from “SqlServer” to “InProc”; and it works as expected.

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