My readings in 2015 week 16

  1. This post tells you how to prevent an element from being selected and copied with CSS.
  2. Want to test IE on different devices and machines; read this post and try Remote.IE.
  3. It is good to know about how people come up the browser usage statistics.
  4. I needed to research the possibility of TFS and Git integration; and I found this post is very good to give you how TFS can work with Git.
  5. When index don’t help; it mentioned that generally less than 20% data should be returned by the index, otherwise SQL Server may ignore it and do a full scan.
  6. Virtual Reality in the .NET Framework; I am not interested in game programming, so as Virtual Reality.  Just good to mention here for sharing.
  7. I must tell you this website Coursera, partnering with top universities and organizations to provide online free courses.  Don’t wait and go take a look!!
  8. Preventing XSS in ASP.Net, explain in detail and provide sample code for implementation.
  9. CSS Filter: do you use before? it is cool to give effects for your images using CSS, however it’s not supported by IE yet.
  10. Pass multiple values in a parameter for a stored procedure in SQL server.  By the way, you can also pass multiple object-like values in a XML type parameter to a stored procedure as well.  Similar technique.
  11. Wow! you can use .Net pointer in C#.  Is it dangerous or risky?  Read this post and get more details.
  12. A good usage to apply “Using Static” for extension methods.  Read it to know about that.
  13. This post talks about Disposal pattern, which give me a better understandings on how to clean up unmanaged resource.
  14. Good post to explain clearly about DTO vs Value Obejct vs POCO.
  15. Know what “unchecked” keyword is in C#; I used this keyword previsouly when I write a HashCode method.

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