My readings in 2015 week 17

  1. How to detect devices with WURFL.js.
  2. 3 Things (Almost) No one knows about CSS.  Check if you give correct answers of these 3 questions.
  3. It is good to read this post to know how to code HTML Email Newsletter; previously I used CSS Inliner tool, e.g. PreMailer.Net, to combine CSS file to HTML markup.
  4. This is a good example how to use FireBase with Twilio to get notification with a webpage is changed.
  5. A light slider sample with code using jQuery.
  6. Numbers and Math in ES6.
  7. C# 7 work list of features.
  8. mdo-ular CSS: share 20 basic rules how to write CSS.
  9. CSS positioning; i think it is great to share for CSS beginners as I remembered when I am new to CSS, I would like someone to tell me how CSS positioning works.
  10. Another post to teach you how to use CSS3 flexbox.
  11. Improve JavaScript Performance Analysis Results with User Marks in IE.  I am excited to see what other features new IE Spartan will provide.
  12. Don’t miss if you are a designer to know what new web layout ideas for 2015.
  13. Know what string templates in ES6.
  14. .Net Code Obfuscation using Crypto Obfuscator by LogicNP Software

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