My readings in 2015 week 20

  1. If you don’t know what source map is, read this post; if you don’t know how to use with browsers, read this post as well.  This post will show you how to debug your JavaScript with cross-browsers source map.
  2. Sometimes I would like to return couples of values and i don’t want to create a class/struct to hold them.  Then i will use Tuple as return type.  In future C#, Tuple will be getting more powerful, read this post.
  3. Definitively GitHub is one of the most popular source repositories that people used right now for their project.  Now you can integrate GitHub with VS2015, read this post to get details.
  4. This tool, Vorlon.JS provides remote debugging and testing your JavaScript in any client.  View the demo here.
  5. Here is the list for CSS 4 selectors.
  6. I used Agile more than 5 years; I recently read a post title “Is Agile Development a Failing Concept?“, and for my curiosity, I immediately read that post; basically author talked about people claimed they are doing Agile is not doing Agile correctly.  There is a follow-up post to bring a new idea “GROWS”.
  7. Understand the differences between img and figure tags in HTML5.

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