My readings in 2015 week 21

  1. In-database R coming to SQL Server 2016. Data analysis is getting more important and more popular; it is great to hear that SQL server is going to support R.  Personally I am very interested to learn more about R, hoping to opportunities to learn it soon.
  2. JavaScript: The Good Parts.  Every JavaScript developers should read this book.  And this post “JavaScript: The Extra Good Parts” is to add more good things to this list.
  3. It is a great sharing to understand how Google crawls JavaScript on your site.
  4. 30 CSS select you should memorize know.
  5. I recently want to do a sharing session for Resharper shortcuts; and found these 2 posts – “My 8 Favorite ReSharper Shortcuts” and “8 ReSharper shortcuts everyone should know” are really useful.
  6. At-Rules of CSS from CSS tricks.
  7. Convention tests: verify your coding convention by tests.  I hope this will be wrapped in a more user-friendly library downloadable through NuGet.
  8. Very impressive simple demo to show animate-plus javascript library, which allows to animate CSS properties and SVG attributes; I will definitely give a try.
  9. Just want to standardize the display of result message after post back.  Find this post “Pop from top notifiation” from CSS Tricks.

Enjoy your long weekend for Memorial day!


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