My readings in 2015 week 22

  1. Once again, BEMCSS introduction and a simple example.
  2. SEOSiteCheckup helps you to improve SEO implementation for your site.
  3. What you should know about collapsing margins, the example is very interesting that make div not collapsed by just adding a 1px padding.
  4. Animation is everywhere now; space.js helps to give your content transitions.
  5. Performant CSS Animations: It is great to learn how animations renders in the browser, what browser frame waterfall is.
  6. Do you interest web animations? if so, you may need to try Famous, a high-performance javascript library for animations.
  7. This CodePen Slack Logo give me a big surprise, it just uses some divs and CSS; and I think I need to dig in and understand this example.

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