My readings in 2015 week 24

  1. Common 10 good web form design tips.
  2. Strongly typed AppSettings in ASP.Net 5.
  3. 5 reasons why you need a JavaScript style guide. I think style/convention guide is important for a dev team no matter what language you are using, once the team size is getting bigger.
  4. Protect ASP.Net applications against CSRF attacks.  Security is always a tough thing to implement and you always need to take balance between performance and it.
  5. How to use table-valued parameter in stored procedures.
  6. Animation is so cool!! check out these loading animation samples.
  7. Understanding how to use CSS content property.  Good to know the details and it will sometimes help to make your work easily, e.g. adding dividers in a sub menu.
  8. Please stop and spend few minutes to watch the video in this post “Engineers develop a computer that operates on water droplets“; it is so amazing!!! Technology is growing so fast, and I can’t imagine what is going to happen to our life in even coming 5 years.
  9. ngork, a tool that can help to open your local site to public. Read this post “how to use ngork to test a local site” to learn more about that.
  10. This post “Need for speed 2” is a good resource to improve your site performance.  Go take a look.
  11. Didn’t read it through, just want to share “Top 12 tools for creating animations with HTML5“.
  12. The fancy syntax: ES6 destructuring.
  13. React.js learning
    1. Get started with React.js tutorial
    2. React.js diff algorithm
    3. Learning React.js: Getting started and concepts
  14. Predict the output challenge for C# puzzles.

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