My readings in 2015 week 25

  1. 7 essential JavaScript functions you should know; I only know “once” function and used it before.  It is good to know “debounce” function.
  2. Copy & Paste & The Web from CSS Tricks.
  3. CSS level 4 selectors.
  4. ES6 in depth: Arrow function.
  5. ES6 in depth: Symbols.  See what Symbols is used for and how.
  6. Explicit vs Implicit interface in C#;  before reading this post, I know when to use explicit interface and try to avoid; but not really understand why.  Now I know the reason.
  7. Historical Debugging, Profiling, New Diagnostic Tools in Visual Studio 2015 from Scott Hanselman.  However I think we need to have Ultimate edition to fully accessible to this feature.
  8. What is Code? from Paul Ford. This is a long reading, I read some pieces of it and it is a good sharing to other developers and what culture and attitude should a developer be.
  9. YAGNI and KISS revisited.  I think they are very useful and should always ask yourself “are you following them?”
  10. Dynamic.js; a JavaScript library to create physical-based animations.
  11. Another post talked about CSS Layers and different methodologies.
  12. Do you know what does this CSS selector “foo:lang(de)” do?  You can get answer from this post.
  13. cta.js; a light weight library to animate your “action-to-effect” paths.
  14. I like simple solution, this is an example that just use pure HTML and CSS to provide a nice footnote accessible functionality.
  15. Simple techniques for semantics and mantainable JavaScript Apps. I like the technique to use data attribute for JavaScript binding selector instead of using class and Id.

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