More debate: Full stack developers?

I read a post this morning “Full stack developers: Do they really exist?” from pluralsight.  I shared my thought about full stack developers last October.  After reading this, I would like to share some of my new ideas.

People started to talk about full stack developer position/role.  I would like to ask how do you define a developer is a full-stack developer?  If you told me that, as long as they are touching codes run in both front-end and back-end; I would agree that we should have full stack developer position.  Why? As I worked in Agile environment, we are in a small team and delivers a “just enough and testable” small functionality/feature to our customers in a fast peace environment.  Therefore it is good to have full stack developers to work out the total solution.

However I think we need to be very careful and set up a reasonable expectation on this role.  My expectation are:

  1. They are confident to make code changes in different layers.
  2. They may be expert in one of the layer.
  3. They always approach the expert of the layer if they find something they are not sure or need to get advice.
  4. They love learning. (why? because there are so many things changing everyday in both front-end and back-end, so you need to learn a lot every day to catch up as much as you can).
  5. They love to share. (As new things come out so fast and everyone has limited time; they should share what they learn to the team and make the whole team grow together).

Based on what I mentioned above, I am happy to tell everyone that I am a full-stack developer and do my role very well.

What is your thoughts? Just to share.


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