My readings in 2015 week 26

  1. If you never hear about JavaScript source map or you want to know how to apply in details, read this post “Enhance your JavaScript debugging life with cross-browser Source Maps” from CodeProject.
  2. Run executable from Resources in C# from CodeProject, it comes to my mind that is this technique be applied for hacking?
  3. How to post list/array to MVC controller.  You can find another way to do this without JSON.
  4. Get ideas about Web Assembly.
  5. I am not sure, did I share this before; uses remoteIE to test your page in Internet Explorer on iOS, Mac OS X, and Android.
  6. Not just Google provide mobile checker, W3C did the same thing for you. Go here.
  7. I like this tool, symdiff to figure out what CSS class is not used in html markup and stylesheet.
  8. More explanations about Exception filters in C#6.0.
  9. If you are working with legacy system that logic mainly sitting in Stored Procedures in SQL server, you may be interested to read this post “Template for Managing Microsoft T-SQL Nested Transactions“.

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