My readings in 2015 week 27

  1. I like Kata, which helps you to learn things faster and sometimes find a new way to do things awesome.   Want to learn ES6, try this ES6 Katas.
  2. JSCS – JavaScript Coding Style.
  3. Compare JavaScript libraries, go to have a check.
  4. Three Simple Techniques for Writing More Semantic and Maintainable JavaScript Apps.
  5. Working shapes with CSS.  It takes me few seconds to understand the example using border to draw a triangle.  The clip-path example also surprises me!!
  6. Checkbox trickery with CSS.  Interesting example to build custom look-and-feel checkboxes.
  7. If you use JsHint or JsLint before, I think you can give a try for Scss-Lint as well.

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