My readings in 2015 week 28

  1. ASP.Net web forms feature in 2015 – Async Model Binding.  It is cool ans easy to make your page to support async model binding.
  2. DebugCSS, a nice tool people built for debugging/warning what’s wrong in your CSS.
  3. JavaScript Async Control Flow, Do you like the new syntax? it really looks like C#.
  4. Instead of using AntiForgeyToken attribute, there is another solution to protect ASP.Net applicaitons against CSRF attack.
  5. To improve scrolling performance with fixed background image on your page, you can read this post and get to know how “will-change” CSS property helps.
  6. A good checklist for front-end developer interview questions, read before an interview.
  7. tota11y, A tool to help to check accessibility of your webpage.
  8. I think performance of your webpage is always important, no matter what business/service you are providing; so read this post to refresh yourself how to minimize reflows.
  9. Grunt-UnCss and Grunt-CriticalCss are trying to help to build a high performance web page to speed up your CSS processing.
  10. Lazy load is a jQuery plugin to control image loading to provide better user experience.
  11. is a library that helps you to analyze your website speed and performance based on performance best practices and timing metrics.  Don’t want to do any coding, you can use their webpage test which is powered by
  12. It brings something new to me, read this post seven surprising JavaScript features and check if you already know these features.
  13. I heard about JSCS before, I didn’t know that it can help to fix your JavaScript style automatically.  Read this post “Detecting and Automatically Fixing JavaScript Code Style” for more information.

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