My readings in 2015 week 29

  1. I do not frequently use Firefox and it is not my default browser; but I think it is still good to know what’s new in Firefox OS? and how big is this fire?
  2. Do you know CQRS pattern? if you want to learn more, go to Marin Fowler’s CQRS page and don’t miss one link from Grey Young at the bottom providing a great summary.
  3. Have you used indetermine state of a checkbox?  Do you want to set three different states (check, unchecked and indeterminate) of a checkbox by simple click? read this post from CSS Tricks to get your answer.
  4. Good article to learn about System.Management and System.Environment.
  5. Implement antiforgery token in AJAXPost from CodeProject.
  6. Want to improve your code performance.  You need to first understand your code first.  Here comes some tools to help you, Code Profiling and Performance Tools for Visual Studio.
  7. 12 little-known CSS facts, it is very interesting and I don’t know any of them.
  8. If you are working on a site with different breakpoints, this bookmarklet, BreakpointTester may be useful for you.

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