My readings in 2015 week 31

  1. I remembered that how I built sticky menu on a web page using jQuery and CSS; and it is so tricky that you needed to consider if there are any content haven’t been loaded completely and copy the same size of menu bar.  Both make sure page length is not changed; which may cause your calculation of sticky menu position incorrect.  Now there is a new CSS sticky position to do this in an easy way.
  2. Good to know more about the limitation of Caching options for ASP.Net and .Net framework.
  3. ASP.Net 5: What is project.lock.json?
  4. If you have lots of image on your site, you can get some ideas from this post, 10 ways to optimise images for better performance.
  5. Comprehensive guide: when to use em vs rem.  If I am going to build a brand-new website, I will use rem instead of em; as it increases reusability of component by referencing to root font size.  If you want to refresh your CCS length unit, read this post.
  6. I don’t have any recent project using EF6; but I think it is good to share with you, How To Simplify Asynchronous Programming with Await and Async.
  7. Very detailed explanation for ES6 tail call optimization.
  8. JavaScript Inheritance patterns, how many ways do you know to create a class inheritance in JavaScript? read it to find the answer.
  9. If you like to write optimized and fast code, even just a little thing; read this post Fastest method to trim all whitespace from Strings in .NET.

I will not post next, as I will go to Toronto for a week of vacation to enjoy the summer with my family.


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