My readings in 2015 week 34

  1. If you are interested in plugin framework and design, this code project page will list out many resources for you.
  2. A very interesting post how to refactor OO code to functional code in C#, the post brings up new ideas to me and I think it is good to know what other developers are doing; and different way of writing codes.
  3. Dynamically Generating Robots.txt Using ASP.NET MVC.
  4. JavaScript inheritance patterns, very useful post; it lists out different ways to do inheritance in JavaScript.
  5. A quick list to show top 10 C# 6.0 language feature.
  6. If you are dealing XML in .Net, you should read this post “XML-XSD parser refresher“, showing you how to generate .Net class from XML and using with XmlSerializer.

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