My readings in 2015 week 35

  1. Different ways to create a C# object from class, just for fun.
  2. Another testing framework, Fixie; but no test attribute is needed, only based on naming convention to discover your tests.
  3. I used Shoudly before, it improves the test code readability and makes easier to understand.  You should give a try.
  4. The Evolution of Asynchronous JavaScript.
  5. How to work with time zone with moment.js, you can find some examples from this CSS Trick post.
  6. Rucksack, another CSS processor to make your CSS development more easier and fun.
  7. If you are frequently working on CSS, you should learn more about CSS modules and decide if it fits to you and make maintaining CSS easier.  Will this become the standard in CSS next generation?
  8. After reading this post about basket.js, I think it is good to understand more about local storage and try out basket.js to see if it really helps.
  9. Just spend few minutes to read this post “Essential Tools & Libraries for Modern JavaScript Developers“, to get aware what tools and libraries are out in the market to help JavaScript developers’ life easier.
  10. Pure CSS 3D bar example in CodePen.  So Cool!
  11. Being a C# developer, I would like to know Top 15 Hidden Features of C#.
  12. To create step-based animation or powepoint-like animation, you can try out sequence.js and it is mobile friendly and responsive.
  13. As you are reading this blog, I guess you are developers.  Then you should read this post “10 Common Mistakes Web Developers Make“.
  14. I read this post “Database versioning tools” to know what approaches and products can help; also another post about “State vs migration-driven database delivery
  15. “12 tips to increase the performance of your ASP.NET application drastically” part 1 and part 2.

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