My readings in 2015 week 39

  1. You should read this post “Promises in JavaScript Unit Test“, which will tell you how to implement unit tests for promise in an easy and readable way.
  2. Good to know how to do prefetching, and perloading.
  3. I like to write fast code, and how to know it is fast or improving is to measure it.  Read this post “Measuring JavaScript functions performance” to get the answer; and the example is very good.
  4. Do you know what is SonarQube? You can use it to validate and improve your CSS to avoid some potential issues.
  5. Very specific topic for inter-process communication with .Net; read the post if you are really interested.
  6. Nice sharing, read this post “5 responsive design pitfalls and how to avoid them” will help you save time to get better results for your responsive website.
  7. Not doing so many project need to support different languages, but definitely you would like to know what’s the new way to support localization in ASP.Net 5 & MVC 6.
  8. Do you write Web API? if so, you may need to serialize some enums.  Do you know how to do it and how many ways to do it.  Read this post “Serializing Enumerations in ASP.NET Web API
  9. How to use DB notification and SignalR to monitor and boardcast messages in MVC application.  After read this post, I think I need to learn more about SignalR and SqlDependency class.  Another similar sample about stock update dashboard.
  10. If you work on loading custom fonts on your site, you will know that this is not an easy job sometimes.  Read this post “@font-face dilemma“.

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