My readings in 2015 week 43

  1. 16 ways to search and edit with Chrome DevTools. I like little tips, once becomes habits; it helps a lot.
  2. Element queries for CSS.  It is a new approach to write CSS and I can see it is useful for apply styles when features on/off; which mix JavaScript logic in CSS.  Another important point is, it writes in pure JavaScript, not other JS library needed.
  3. What’s new in Chrome DevTools by Addy Osmani.
  4. 3 JavaScript ORM you may not know.  If you love JavaScript very much and uses it everywhere, you should know these libraries.
  5. Asynchronous APIs Using the Fetch API and ES6 Generators.   I probably need to read it few times and digest it how to apply it in real-life cases.  And I also need to read Introduction to Fetch API as well.
  6. I would like to share lists of old posts about Visual Studio 2015 diagnostic tools and intellitrace.  It is very important to fully understand the power of your debugging tool in Visual Studio.
  7. Kendo JavaScript Util; I don’t have much experience about Kendo, just to share.
  8. A Beginner’s Guide to Currying in Functional JavaScript; it is good to know this technique which I shared similar post before.
  9. Using Lazy and ConcurrentDictionary to ensure a thread-safe, run-once, lazy-loaded collection; This is a very good use case for Lazy keyword.
  10. IEnumerable and IEnumerator in C#, clear explanation with example.

My readings in 2015 week 42

  1. I am newbie to MongoDB.  This is a good post for me to start learning it, Introduction to MongoDB.
  2. I read a post about speed up WordPress website by 30%, it is not my interest as I don’t have any concern with my small WordPress blog.  But I found there is a link about website speed testing, pingdom, and I would like to share with you.
  3. I read this post “Leveling up your app with advanced bootstrap features“. I really like to pull/push keywords are so helpful, it makes elements to show in different order of different screen sizes so easy.  I really want to know how the underlying code doing this.
  4. Intoducing GSS: Grid Style System.  It is a new concept about writing styles, based on constraint programming.  I am not sure if this will become popular or not.
  5. This is a similar post “Command Line API” I shared before, how to use console.XXX to make your debugging easier in browser.
  6. Easy Windows Phone Apps with Microsoft App Studio, it is good to have a try using App Studio to build apps for Windows 8.1 phones and tablets.
  7. 10 Interview Questions Every JavaScript Developer Should Know. I think it is still good to read this post to understand those 10 interview questions for JavaScript developers; even I do not 100% agree all those questions.
  8. Nice example of Sprite animation.  You can learn how to create your own sprite animation from this post.
  9. This post introduce View Component in MVC 6; it looks like a reused block to build your view.  It is a bit short, I would like to find any great post about it, please share if you have any.
  10. Global route prefixes with attribute routing in ASP.NET Web API.  It shows how to define a route prefix on addition of routeprefix attribute on controllers.
  11. Working With Attribute Routing In Web API 2. Step by step guide to show you how to build a simple Web API using ASP.Net Web API 2.
  12. Misconceptions Regarding Pass By Value and Pass By Reference in C#.  I also misunderstood this concept; so read it and get understood on this basic knowledge in C#.
  13. Security through obscurity – Hiding Asp.Net MVC response headers. It is good to know how to remove ASP.Net specific response header.
  14. Interesting semantic implementation in .Net.
  15. Offline.js, a friendly library to alert users if connection lost, and helps to capture any AJAX requests, which were made while the connection was down, and remakes them when it’s back up.

My readings in 2015 week 41

  1. Useful JavaScript debugging tips you don’t know, I learnt how to use console.trace and console.debug from this post.
  2. JavaScript Promises and Error handling; it is simple, but it is useful.  I need to learn more about Promises flow control and exception handling.
  3. ASP.Net MVC WebAPI – optional parameters; very simple and quick learn about [FromUri] attribute.
  4. Printliminator v4, another print css supported for cross browsers.
  5. How SQL server handles NULL? if you are new to SQL Server and database development, you may find this post useful.
  6. JavaScript Charting Library; it seems very powerful and support a wide-range of chart type.  I would like to know what benefits to shift to use client-side charting rather then server-side? faster? less load on server?
  7. Image diffing using CSS; it is amazing and very smart technique.  That’s why this post is quite popular.
  8. Why Do We Have `repeating-linear-gradient` Anyway? a post from CSS Tricks, it is a great post to show you how to use this simple CSS attribute to build many nice patterns. very impressive!!
  9. A quick optimization advice for JavaScript function running in NodeJS; it is interesting and helpful.

My readings in 2015 week 40

  1. Temporary field code smell, it is very common I also experienced before so often. Read it and improve your coding standard.
  2. Do you like the new solution explorer view in VS2015? I don’t see much useful since I generally use Resharper for code navigation.
  3. This post is a good introduction for multithreading in C#.
  4. It is a very interesting post and have a great cover on how to do interprocess communication with .Net in local machine.
  5. DRY revisited.
  6. Simple modular CSS using BEM and SASS.
  7. Have you used .Net socket before? Learn from this post showing how to create a server with .Net socket.
  8. It is a good post talking about Code Review, “Code review can make or break your team“.
  9. Hints creation with EnjoyHint, shows you how to create interactive hints for your new webpages and helps your users to find their way on your site.
  10. ASP.Net WebHook Preview, I watched the video, it shows me how it works quickly and clearly.
  11. I want to learn Xamarin and recently I read a post about it saying 52 weeks series is coming, but it recommended to take a PluralSight course first; luckily I have access.
  12. Roslyn learning is one of my own interest, this is one of a post showing you how to enforce coding guideline using it.
  13. This is a good reference to know what causes your webpage layout reflow.
  14. Top 15 Underutilized Features of .NET Part 2.
  15. Print.css for supporting printing of your web page.