My readings in 2015 week 40

  1. Temporary field code smell, it is very common I also experienced before so often. Read it and improve your coding standard.
  2. Do you like the new solution explorer view in VS2015? I don’t see much useful since I generally use Resharper for code navigation.
  3. This post is a good introduction for multithreading in C#.
  4. It is a very interesting post and have a great cover on how to do interprocess communication with .Net in local machine.
  5. DRY revisited.
  6. Simple modular CSS using BEM and SASS.
  7. Have you used .Net socket before? Learn from this post showing how to create a server with .Net socket.
  8. It is a good post talking about Code Review, “Code review can make or break your team“.
  9. Hints creation with EnjoyHint, shows you how to create interactive hints for your new webpages and helps your users to find their way on your site.
  10. ASP.Net WebHook Preview, I watched the video, it shows me how it works quickly and clearly.
  11. I want to learn Xamarin and recently I read a post about it saying 52 weeks series is coming, but it recommended to take a PluralSight course first; luckily I have access.
  12. Roslyn learning is one of my own interest, this is one of a post showing you how to enforce coding guideline using it.
  13. This is a good reference to know what causes your webpage layout reflow.
  14. Top 15 Underutilized Features of .NET Part 2.
  15. Print.css for supporting printing of your web page.

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