My readings in 2015 week 41

  1. Useful JavaScript debugging tips you don’t know, I learnt how to use console.trace and console.debug from this post.
  2. JavaScript Promises and Error handling; it is simple, but it is useful.  I need to learn more about Promises flow control and exception handling.
  3. ASP.Net MVC WebAPI – optional parameters; very simple and quick learn about [FromUri] attribute.
  4. Printliminator v4, another print css supported for cross browsers.
  5. How SQL server handles NULL? if you are new to SQL Server and database development, you may find this post useful.
  6. JavaScript Charting Library; it seems very powerful and support a wide-range of chart type.  I would like to know what benefits to shift to use client-side charting rather then server-side? faster? less load on server?
  7. Image diffing using CSS; it is amazing and very smart technique.  That’s why this post is quite popular.
  8. Why Do We Have `repeating-linear-gradient` Anyway? a post from CSS Tricks, it is a great post to show you how to use this simple CSS attribute to build many nice patterns. very impressive!!
  9. A quick optimization advice for JavaScript function running in NodeJS; it is interesting and helpful.

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