My readings in 2015 week 43

  1. 16 ways to search and edit with Chrome DevTools. I like little tips, once becomes habits; it helps a lot.
  2. Element queries for CSS.  It is a new approach to write CSS and I can see it is useful for apply styles when features on/off; which mix JavaScript logic in CSS.  Another important point is, it writes in pure JavaScript, not other JS library needed.
  3. What’s new in Chrome DevTools by Addy Osmani.
  4. 3 JavaScript ORM you may not know.  If you love JavaScript very much and uses it everywhere, you should know these libraries.
  5. Asynchronous APIs Using the Fetch API and ES6 Generators.   I probably need to read it few times and digest it how to apply it in real-life cases.  And I also need to read Introduction to Fetch API as well.
  6. I would like to share lists of old posts about Visual Studio 2015 diagnostic tools and intellitrace.  It is very important to fully understand the power of your debugging tool in Visual Studio.
  7. Kendo JavaScript Util; I don’t have much experience about Kendo, just to share.
  8. A Beginner’s Guide to Currying in Functional JavaScript; it is good to know this technique which I shared similar post before.
  9. Using Lazy and ConcurrentDictionary to ensure a thread-safe, run-once, lazy-loaded collection; This is a very good use case for Lazy keyword.
  10. IEnumerable and IEnumerator in C#, clear explanation with example.

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