My readings in 2015 week 47

  1. NancyFx; it looks like a wrapper library specific to REST using WCF.  Personally I like to use WCF to implement REST service, but it is still nice and quick if it fits your case.
  2. Doing delegates differently Part 1 and Part 2;  It talks about where to use it with an example.  For part 2, I think a strategy pattern can be used to solve the same problem.
  3. Experimenting with Object.observe in JavaScript; It shares few useful links to know how to use Object.observe.
  4. Protecting Shared Fields in Asynchronous Processing; simple to use and good to know how it works.
  5. How Our CSS Framework Helps Enforce Accessibility; good post to show how to enforce accessibility in CSS; I always think accessibility is one of the important things, but easily overlooked by developers.
  6. DOM Tips and Techniques: Parent, Child, and Siblings; shows you how to manage your DOM elements using plain JavaScript.

My readings in 2015 week 46

  1. Post and redirect in ASP.Net; if you don’t want to show parameters in URL when redirect, you can use this technique in this post.
  2. How to address your coworker’s bad code; I think soft skill is as important as tech skill.  It brings up a good point: “…don’t say that the code is bad. … Everything in software is about tradeoffs, so what you want to do is show he’s paying for quick and dirty coding with maintenance headaches for the team.”
  3. ASP.NET 5 and Log Correlation by Request Id; it is good to have request id for logging.
  4. Html Minifer; do you know you can minify html as well as css and js?
  5. Properties with Parameters; I didn’t know you can use “this” in property signature.
  6. 8 tips for working with X.509 certificates in .NET; it is very useful post to tell you what you need to aware when using certificates in .Net.
  7. When would you use & on a bool?  I like Eric Lippert’s posts.  It seems very simple and easy stuff, but if he always provides me a good insight.
  8. I am not heavily working in Azure environment, but if you do and uses AppVeyor as your build server; take a look at AppVeyor visual studio extension.
  9. Why Static Website Generators Are The Next Big Thing; it is great to get this new idea and know the trend to improve sites delivering non-user specific contents.
  10. A Microsoft Evangelist’s Favorite Chrome Extensions; share some nice Chrome extensions.
  11. Nice and simple animation example with content attribute.
  12. JavaScript is getting more important;  What’s New In The Next Version Of JavaScript (ES6).

My readings in 2015 week 45

  1. SHA-2 Support – Migrate your CA from CSP to KSP; if your application needs using certificate for signing, you should read this and take action if needed.  If you need some background, please read these 2 posts first – PKI certificate services SHA-1 deprecation and Cryptographic Providers: SHA-1 & SHA-2 support.  There is another reference from Microsoft Technet,
  2. Introducing U-SQL – a language that makes Big Data processing easy; this is so cool that you can write C# code in query.
  3. C# exception handling; it is quite long post, you can jump to the end to read the do’s and don’ts for summary.
  4. Returning Server-side errors from AJAX calls; i like the solution which will still call to error method of your ajax call.
  5. Are you making these 10 DDD mistakes? If you are using DDD, it is good to read it and remind yourself regularly.
  6. Debuggable JavaScript in production with Source Maps; if you don’t know what source map is or you want to debug your minified version of JavaScript, you should read this post.
  7. Transient Exception Handling; share some libraries providing retry pattern solution for transient exceptions.  There is another solution called “Circuit-breaker” pattern.
  8. DROP IF EXISTS in SQL Server 2016; I like this syntax to try make dev life easier.

My readings in 2015 week 44

  1. Down and Dirty: .Net Task Parallel Library (TPL).  You can jump start with some code using it without knowing underlying details.
  2. If you are developers using JavaScript, you should read this post “JavaScript Goes Asynchronous“, which shows you the past (XMLHttpRequest), current (Promise) and future (Async) approach to implement asynchronous call in JavaScript.
  3. Task cancellation in C#; it tells how to use cancellation token when running tasks.
  4. Another Chrome Dev Tools Tips and Tricks; I like that blackbox script feature.
  5. Understanding and using rem units in CSS; for any web developers building web pages, you should read this post to understand what rem can benefit to your CSS work.  It is the core knowledge to make your web page more responsive and user friendly.
  6. Lambda Syntax and Performance. It shows you what case lambda makes your application run faster and what make it the other way.
  7. NuGet 3 What and Why? I would like to know more about how to use new Project.JSON file.
  8. Work with text in C#: char, string, StringBuilder, SecureString; the topic seems very simple, but read it you may learn something you don’t know before.
  9. Early View of C# 7 with Mads Torgersen; I love the new proposed Tuple syntax.
  10. Good post to talk about soft skills for a developer.
  11. Why Private C# Variables are Not as Private as you Thought; this topic attracts me to read it; and I learn that trick.  But I don’t think it is good to use it.
  12. Optimizing associative operations; Simple example with clear explanation.  I always agreed even a very small practice can make a big difference.
  13. What’s the Point of the ‘dynamic’ Primitive Type?…; I like the use case it mentioned.  And you should use dynamic with a strong reason.
  14. Using PostCSS Together with Sass, Stylus, or LESS; know how to use PostCSS with other CSS preprocessors.