My readings in 2015 week 44

  1. Down and Dirty: .Net Task Parallel Library (TPL).  You can jump start with some code using it without knowing underlying details.
  2. If you are developers using JavaScript, you should read this post “JavaScript Goes Asynchronous“, which shows you the past (XMLHttpRequest), current (Promise) and future (Async) approach to implement asynchronous call in JavaScript.
  3. Task cancellation in C#; it tells how to use cancellation token when running tasks.
  4. Another Chrome Dev Tools Tips and Tricks; I like that blackbox script feature.
  5. Understanding and using rem units in CSS; for any web developers building web pages, you should read this post to understand what rem can benefit to your CSS work.  It is the core knowledge to make your web page more responsive and user friendly.
  6. Lambda Syntax and Performance. It shows you what case lambda makes your application run faster and what make it the other way.
  7. NuGet 3 What and Why? I would like to know more about how to use new Project.JSON file.
  8. Work with text in C#: char, string, StringBuilder, SecureString; the topic seems very simple, but read it you may learn something you don’t know before.
  9. Early View of C# 7 with Mads Torgersen; I love the new proposed Tuple syntax.
  10. Good post to talk about soft skills for a developer.
  11. Why Private C# Variables are Not as Private as you Thought; this topic attracts me to read it; and I learn that trick.  But I don’t think it is good to use it.
  12. Optimizing associative operations; Simple example with clear explanation.  I always agreed even a very small practice can make a big difference.
  13. What’s the Point of the ‘dynamic’ Primitive Type?…; I like the use case it mentioned.  And you should use dynamic with a strong reason.
  14. Using PostCSS Together with Sass, Stylus, or LESS; know how to use PostCSS with other CSS preprocessors.

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