My readings in 2015 week 45

  1. SHA-2 Support – Migrate your CA from CSP to KSP; if your application needs using certificate for signing, you should read this and take action if needed.  If you need some background, please read these 2 posts first – PKI certificate services SHA-1 deprecation and Cryptographic Providers: SHA-1 & SHA-2 support.  There is another reference from Microsoft Technet,
  2. Introducing U-SQL – a language that makes Big Data processing easy; this is so cool that you can write C# code in query.
  3. C# exception handling; it is quite long post, you can jump to the end to read the do’s and don’ts for summary.
  4. Returning Server-side errors from AJAX calls; i like the solution which will still call to error method of your ajax call.
  5. Are you making these 10 DDD mistakes? If you are using DDD, it is good to read it and remind yourself regularly.
  6. Debuggable JavaScript in production with Source Maps; if you don’t know what source map is or you want to debug your minified version of JavaScript, you should read this post.
  7. Transient Exception Handling; share some libraries providing retry pattern solution for transient exceptions.  There is another solution called “Circuit-breaker” pattern.
  8. DROP IF EXISTS in SQL Server 2016; I like this syntax to try make dev life easier.

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