My readings in 2015 week 46

  1. Post and redirect in ASP.Net; if you don’t want to show parameters in URL when redirect, you can use this technique in this post.
  2. How to address your coworker’s bad code; I think soft skill is as important as tech skill.  It brings up a good point: “…don’t say that the code is bad. … Everything in software is about tradeoffs, so what you want to do is show he’s paying for quick and dirty coding with maintenance headaches for the team.”
  3. ASP.NET 5 and Log Correlation by Request Id; it is good to have request id for logging.
  4. Html Minifer; do you know you can minify html as well as css and js?
  5. Properties with Parameters; I didn’t know you can use “this” in property signature.
  6. 8 tips for working with X.509 certificates in .NET; it is very useful post to tell you what you need to aware when using certificates in .Net.
  7. When would you use & on a bool?  I like Eric Lippert’s posts.  It seems very simple and easy stuff, but if he always provides me a good insight.
  8. I am not heavily working in Azure environment, but if you do and uses AppVeyor as your build server; take a look at AppVeyor visual studio extension.
  9. Why Static Website Generators Are The Next Big Thing; it is great to get this new idea and know the trend to improve sites delivering non-user specific contents.
  10. A Microsoft Evangelist’s Favorite Chrome Extensions; share some nice Chrome extensions.
  11. Nice and simple animation example with content attribute.
  12. JavaScript is getting more important;  What’s New In The Next Version Of JavaScript (ES6).

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