My readings in 2015 week 47

  1. NancyFx; it looks like a wrapper library specific to REST using WCF.  Personally I like to use WCF to implement REST service, but it is still nice and quick if it fits your case.
  2. Doing delegates differently Part 1 and Part 2;  It talks about where to use it with an example.  For part 2, I think a strategy pattern can be used to solve the same problem.
  3. Experimenting with Object.observe in JavaScript; It shares few useful links to know how to use Object.observe.
  4. Protecting Shared Fields in Asynchronous Processing; simple to use and good to know how it works.
  5. How Our CSS Framework Helps Enforce Accessibility; good post to show how to enforce accessibility in CSS; I always think accessibility is one of the important things, but easily overlooked by developers.
  6. DOM Tips and Techniques: Parent, Child, and Siblings; shows you how to manage your DOM elements using plain JavaScript.

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