My readings in 2015 week 51

  1. Understanding the CSS Modules Methodology; I read it, but I probably don’t spend time to try it right now, because I moved to do more back-end work.  However I don’t know how it can be applied CSS class to markup.
  2. Lambda Syntax and Performance; Lamba usage is more and more popular.  In this post, the first demo shows using lamba event handler is a little bit faster than regular event method.  But I think readability is one of important reason to consider which way to code.  I like the 2nd demo to remind you that how to correctly add and remove event handler.
  3. Top 9 Animation Libraries to Use in 2016; good to know and apply it if it helps to increase usability in your web page.
  4. CSS Variables; this is an experimental feature.  It is good to know a great feature besides the syntax.
  5. Getting Started With CSS calc();  Learn it and it may give you a big help for some cases.

My readings in 2015 week 50

  1. How to Schedule Background Tasks in JavaScript.  I know setTimeout pattern before read this post; but it is good to see the formal support in the browser using requestIdleCallback.
  2. Decorating the Web with CSS Border Images. If you want to decorate your site with border, you should read this post to get more understandings what border can do for you.
  3. Battling BEM – 5 common problems and how to avoid them; I like this post as the author shares what he did to overcome some common problems using BEM.  If you want to learn BEM from scratch, you can go
  4. If your project only supports for latest version browsers, then you may want to use plain JavaScript without jQuery.  If that is your case, you should go to “you don’t need jQuery” and get more details.
  5. Stop Writing Loops and Start Thinking with Maps; this is a simple example to teach you how to use map function; I think it is a good to learn a little thing and improve yourself progressively.
  6. Useful Tools for ASP.NET Developers; it covers most of useful tools for your daily web development work.

Sorry, vacation in Las Vegas last week and publish later for this week readings.

My readings in 2015 week 49

  1. Visual Studio update 1, do you already install? and do you know what’s new?
  2. Do you know BitArray type in C#? If not, read this post.  It is always good to use the right data type to do your job and avoid problem at the very beginning.
  3. How to protect from CSRF attack in ASP.Net? read this post will show you how.
  4. Sharing: Top 10 ES6 Features Every Busy JavaScript Developer Must Know.
  5. Lead and Lag function in SQL server.
  6. Besids tech skill, software skill is also important for developers.  I would like to share this post talking about the 5 laws of software estimates.
  7. Learn the Bootstrap grid in 15 minutes; if you use similar CSS grid system before, I think it just gets 5 minutes to read it.
  8. IncrediBuild, what it is? it can help to reduce your solution build time if you have a huge system taking long time for build, you should give a try.
  9. ES6 generators.  It talks about the basic of a generator; but it contains another link to show you a list of ES6 online videos.

My readings in 2015 week 48

  1. Do you know what are differences between responsive and adaptive design? Read this short post and get the answer.
  2. What is Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)?  From what I understand, it standardizes what makes mobile page renders fast such as inline critical CSS, specific height and width of each elements, etc.
  3. Scaled/Proportional Content with CSS and JavaScript; it is a nice trick, but it involves JavaScript; see if it fits your case.
  4. 6 Steps to Make Your CSS Code More Maintainable;  good slides; it remembers don’t override your CSS classes except CSS Reset.  I would suggest to use BEM as your naming convention; and use attribute as selector for JavaScript code, therefore no duplicated responsibilities for your CSS classes.
  5. Understanding Routing Precedence in ASP.NET MVC and Web API; this post is very easy to understand with an example.  Good to know how routing works.
  6. Memory allocation in .Net – Value type, Reference type, Stack, Heap, Boxing, Unboxing, Ref, Out and Volatile; basic knowledge, but it is always good to revise.
  7. I recently watched a Pluralsight course about browser security headers such as HSTS and CSP.  In the course, it shares 2 website to analyse security headers for your website; and