My readings in 2015 week 49

  1. Visual Studio update 1, do you already install? and do you know what’s new?
  2. Do you know BitArray type in C#? If not, read this post.  It is always good to use the right data type to do your job and avoid problem at the very beginning.
  3. How to protect from CSRF attack in ASP.Net? read this post will show you how.
  4. Sharing: Top 10 ES6 Features Every Busy JavaScript Developer Must Know.
  5. Lead and Lag function in SQL server.
  6. Besids tech skill, software skill is also important for developers.  I would like to share this post talking about the 5 laws of software estimates.
  7. Learn the Bootstrap grid in 15 minutes; if you use similar CSS grid system before, I think it just gets 5 minutes to read it.
  8. IncrediBuild, what it is? it can help to reduce your solution build time if you have a huge system taking long time for build, you should give a try.
  9. ES6 generators.  It talks about the basic of a generator; but it contains another link to show you a list of ES6 online videos.

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