My readings in 2015 week 50

  1. How to Schedule Background Tasks in JavaScript.  I know setTimeout pattern before read this post; but it is good to see the formal support in the browser using requestIdleCallback.
  2. Decorating the Web with CSS Border Images. If you want to decorate your site with border, you should read this post to get more understandings what border can do for you.
  3. Battling BEM – 5 common problems and how to avoid them; I like this post as the author shares what he did to overcome some common problems using BEM.  If you want to learn BEM from scratch, you can go
  4. If your project only supports for latest version browsers, then you may want to use plain JavaScript without jQuery.  If that is your case, you should go to “you don’t need jQuery” and get more details.
  5. Stop Writing Loops and Start Thinking with Maps; this is a simple example to teach you how to use map function; I think it is a good to learn a little thing and improve yourself progressively.
  6. Useful Tools for ASP.NET Developers; it covers most of useful tools for your daily web development work.

Sorry, vacation in Las Vegas last week and publish later for this week readings.


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