My readings in 2015 week 51

  1. Understanding the CSS Modules Methodology; I read it, but I probably don’t spend time to try it right now, because I moved to do more back-end work.  However I don’t know how it can be applied CSS class to markup.
  2. Lambda Syntax and Performance; Lamba usage is more and more popular.  In this post, the first demo shows using lamba event handler is a little bit faster than regular event method.  But I think readability is one of important reason to consider which way to code.  I like the 2nd demo to remind you that how to correctly add and remove event handler.
  3. Top 9 Animation Libraries to Use in 2016; good to know and apply it if it helps to increase usability in your web page.
  4. CSS Variables; this is an experimental feature.  It is good to know a great feature besides the syntax.
  5. Getting Started With CSS calc();  Learn it and it may give you a big help for some cases.

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