My readings in 2016 week 2

  1. I recently worked on troubleshooting a memory issue of a .Net service running in a production box.  Then I started to debug and get dumps to try finding the root cause.  I would like to share some of useful links to show you how to create dumps and open it for analysis.

Very busy this week and will travel back to my home country – Hongkong.  Week 3 will be skipped.


My readings in 2016 week 1

  1. Rounding Up values ()- The Coder’s Dilemma; being working in financial system, this is always a very important and common issue developers needed to pay attention;  I can share one more example about dividing certain amount to different proportions, and the sum of each rounded proportion may be different from the original amount.
  2. Asymmetric Property anti-pattern; simple concept and always should behaves as common understandings.
  3. Support Ending for the .NET Framework 4.0, 4.5 and 4.5.1 on Jan 12, 2106.
  4. The Joys of Block Scoping with ES6; I think it is a good news to other developers familiar with other languages; since this is easier for them to predict how their code behaves.
  5. Constant Variables in JavaScript, or: When “const” Isn’t Constant; very short post with a good example showing what const variable does in JavaScript.
  6. Robo.js; very interesting library that aims to dynamically load JS modules depending on how the DOM is composed.
  7. rollerblade.js; it is definitely helpful library for retail website to show their product in 360 degree view; does it support responsive? and dynamic load different quality of images based on devices?

My readings in 2015 week 52

  1. Do you like functional programming? if so, here is a post to teach you how to write functional chaining async method.
  2. If you worked on manipulating large amount of data, you probably need to read this post, Bad Data, Try/Catch, and Slow Performance.
  3. Nice post: Top JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries & Tools and When to Use Them.
  4. Do you know what hidden class is in Chrome v8? Understanding hidden classes in v8.
  5. After reading a post about writing high performance JavaScript from Smashing Magazine, I would like to share these related posts.
    1. JavaScript Profiling With The Chrome Developer Tools
    2. Eliminating memory leaks in Gmail

Happy 2016!  I am happy to tell you what I have done last year.  I wrote this weekly sharing posts for my first year and watched totally 22 Pluralsight courses for about ~62 hours.  I will continue to write this blog and watched online courses next year to keep up my technical knowledge.  Thanks for reading this blog.