My readings in 2016 week 8

  1. CSS Background-clip property use cases.
  2. A short post from Google Developers, DevTools go dark, @keyframe editing and smarter autocomplete.
  3. TestMyCSS; you can try out this online tool to optimize your CSS.
  4. Html5Validator; use this tool to validate your HTML5 content during build.
  5. What do you handle compiler warnings?  I don’t like warnings, and this post “Compiler Warnings Part 1 – Treat Them Right” told you exactly what you should do.
  6. Debug Stored Procedures in Visual Studio and SSMS; read it if you need to debug your store procedure in SQL server.
  7. This is another post “Analyze CPU and Memory while Debugging” teaching you how to use diagnostic tool in Visual Studio 2015.
  8. You use jQuery? then check out what’s new in jQuery 3.0.
  9. This post “Web Service Security: A Way to Prevent Replay Attacks” shows you how to prevent replay attacks and the technique can be applied to other places.
  10. Good to know how to “Debugging chain methods” using DebuggerNonUserCodeAttribute.
  11. I want to learn more about Big Data. Do you have same interest as me? if so, read this post to learn what Kafka is.
  12. Working with DateTime object in C#; DateTime looks simple and easy, but it will get complicated when working with different time zone and daylight saving issue.
  13. 7 essential JavaScript functions; i think it is good to point out using debounce when handling continuous events such as scroll and resize.
  14. EQCSS, an extension for element queries & more; I think it is a great idea and only thing I worry about are performance and compatibility of different browsers and devices.
  15. A simple JavaScript loader using Promise; I think it is a good use case to use Promise and how to use it.

My readings in 2016 week 7

  1. Master Closures by Reimplementing Them from Scratch; it is an interesting post, which uses a new approach to explain how closures behave.
  2. I used delegates before, but I didn’t know how weak reference can help to improve memory held by listener objects.  Read this post to get the answers.
  3. Performing aggregations and using async methods with MongoDB 3.2 and C# driver 2.0; it is good to read it to get some feelings how does it look like using C# to work with MongoDB.
  4. Simple WCF service build from scratch; if you don’t build WCF service before, read this post to learn how to do it.
  5. Basic concept of how to define cluster index effectively.
  6. Practical multithreading in ASP.NET; explain with simple examples.
  7. Implementing Content Security Policy; it is always good to improve security level for your web application.
  8. ES 6 cheatsheet sharing.
  9. It is good post and is exactly what I should follow his suggestion. “Have a long, successful, and technical career“.
  10. An interesting library, scientist.js, try to help you for carefully refactoring critical paths in JavaScript.
  11. New features in C#7 Part 1 and Part 2; Have you upgraded to use C#6? Are you looking forward to C#7?  Pattern matching is quite powerful, but I don’t like its syntax.

My readings in 2016 week 6

Sorry.  I am very busy last week and preparing my goals of 2016.  How about your goals?

I would like to share some goals I set up for myself.

  1. Finish reading “Architecting High Performing, Scalable and Available Enterprise Web Application” book by May.
  2. Watch video from Pluralsight, targeting 80 hours.
  3. Learn one of new things I interested:
    1. Big data
    2. Cloud service; such as Azure and AWS.
    3. Security practices (GIAC certifications)
  4. Try to write a tool to share.

My readings in 2016 week 5

  1. Build high performance HTML; yes, we always make simple thing complicated.  Read this post and learn how to write HTML (so simple) in a clean way.
  2. Nowadays, in front-end world tools can help to deliver as fast as possible.  Check out this list of front-end tools if they fits you.
  3. PurifyCSS; you can use this tool to clean up unused styles in your CSS files.
  4. Do you use Ajax? Do you know Publisher-Subscriber patterns in JavaScript?  WAMP is the standard to PubSub pattern you needed to know in JavaScript.
  5. CSS Modules; what it is? and how it can help you solve the CSS global scope?  Read this if you are working with large number of CSS styles.
  6. Trello CSS Guide; I like one of the ideas it mentioned, .js- perfix for JavaScript used styles.  I don’t remember where I read this idea first time from.  But I remember there is another idea (I think it is even better); which uses data-attribute to store any values used by JavaScript.
  7. Are you ready to use ES6? if you want to learn it, read this post to tell you how to catch up this new JavaScript version.

Skipped 2 weeks due to 1-week travel and 1 week sick after travel.  Happy Chinese New Year!!