My readings in 2016 week 7

  1. Master Closures by Reimplementing Them from Scratch; it is an interesting post, which uses a new approach to explain how closures behave.
  2. I used delegates before, but I didn’t know how weak reference can help to improve memory held by listener objects.  Read this post to get the answers.
  3. Performing aggregations and using async methods with MongoDB 3.2 and C# driver 2.0; it is good to read it to get some feelings how does it look like using C# to work with MongoDB.
  4. Simple WCF service build from scratch; if you don’t build WCF service before, read this post to learn how to do it.
  5. Basic concept of how to define cluster index effectively.
  6. Practical multithreading in ASP.NET; explain with simple examples.
  7. Implementing Content Security Policy; it is always good to improve security level for your web application.
  8. ES 6 cheatsheet sharing.
  9. It is good post and is exactly what I should follow his suggestion. “Have a long, successful, and technical career“.
  10. An interesting library, scientist.js, try to help you for carefully refactoring critical paths in JavaScript.
  11. New features in C#7 Part 1 and Part 2; Have you upgraded to use C#6? Are you looking forward to C#7?  Pattern matching is quite powerful, but I don’t like its syntax.

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