My readings in 2016 week 10

  1. I haven’t used React before and want to learn it.  If you like me, read this post “Get Started with React” and other post “Building a blog using React“.
  2. 20 docs and guides for front-end developers.
  3. Breakpoint generator extension for Visual Studio; this will help you to understand the flow of the application you don’t familiar with.
  4. All about TransactionScope. It is a little old, but it is still valid and useful.

My readings in 2016 week 9

  1. C# 7 Proposed feature: Local function.
  2. What .Net Core is? What is difference compared to .Net Framework? should I use it? Read these 2 posts to get more ideas: Porting to .NET Core and Porting MSBuild to .NET Core.
  3. Blocking collection Post 1 and Post 2; see how it can help to build asynchronous application in .Net.
  4. Hiding methods from intellisense in .Net.
  5. Functional programming in .Net Part 1 and Part 2.
  6. Introduction to R for .Net developers.