My readings in 2016 week 13 and 14

  1. I didn’t know FLIP concept before reading this blog post Boost Your CSS Animation Performance with the Repaintless.css Library, and it is always thankful that someone built simple thing to share like repaintless.css.
  2. ASP.Net 6 MVC custom tag: this is a useful technique to increase resusability of your UI code by wrapping it into a custom tag.
  3. I remembered I referred some posts related to .Net BlockingCollection before, this is just another follow-up post.
  4. JavaScript: The Synchronous Explanation of Asynchronous Programming; it tells more details how to handle async callback with WebAPI, Message Queue and Event Loop.
  5. How Do You Measure the Success (or Failure) of Your UX Design? it talks about 2 ideas I didn’t hear before – Google HEART framework and System Usability Scale.
  6. CSS Pro Tips; provide list of CSS tips to make you become CSS Pro

My readings in 2016 week 11 and 12

  1. Deep div into react perf debugging; I haven’t use React before, still learning it.  But this post is very useful to demonstrate how to locate performance issue using Chrome.  Good learning.
  2. An online service for image recognition, Clarifai. This post “How to Make Your Web App Smarter with Image Recognition” will show you all the code for a demo.
  3. Get started with underscore.js.  This is just an introduction of three common methods – _.each, _.template, and _.filter for beginners.
  4. What is Closure? Read this post is good for revision if you already know what closure is and good to learn basic usage of it for beginners.
  5. ASP.NET MVC: Using Multiple Model Objects as Input Parameters to Controller Action Method; It just needs to build the request json with corresponding data.  Read it if you would like to see all the details.
  6. Stack Overflow: 2016 architecture; the list provided for what libraries/components used is a great reference.
  7. Chrome Dev Tool: A new Device Mode for a mobile-first generation; It is mobile age and it is no doubt to use mobile-first approach for your project.
  8. Three Ways to Reverse a String in JavaScript; do you know another way to do it?
  9. Do You Know These Eight HTML5 Tags? read this post and get an idea what good practice should be.
  10. Dependency Injection Conditional Registration in ASP.NET Core; I haven’t started to use ASP.Net Core, but it is still good to learn it and get prepared to use it.
  11. Uses JSNLog to log client side exceptions such as AJAX timeouts to server side log like Log4Net.
  12. Security is one of the most important requirement we needed to plan at day 1, but it is often overlooked.  Read this post HTTP Security Best Practice.
  13. CSS Variable, why you should care?  Learn how CSS variable helps to improve managing your styles.  There is another post about CSS variable from WebKit as well.
  14. Introduction to PostCSS; think about a new way to handle your CSS instead of preprocessor like LESS and SASS.
  15. I know about extended events in SQL server; but I don’t know that there is a DEFAULT TRACE feature in SQL server since version 2008.  Read this post “Hidden Gems of DEFAULT TRACE in SQL Server“, which helps to monitor and analyse your SQL database usage and health.
  16. Custom Validation in ASP.NET Web API with FluentValidation; it is easy to set up and use; and I like fluent syntax too.
  17. Visual studio 2015 Update 2 RC is available.