My readings in 2016 week 13 and 14

  1. I didn’t know FLIP concept before reading this blog post Boost Your CSS Animation Performance with the Repaintless.css Library, and it is always thankful that someone built simple thing to share like repaintless.css.
  2. ASP.Net 6 MVC custom tag: this is a useful technique to increase resusability of your UI code by wrapping it into a custom tag.
  3. I remembered I referred some posts related to .Net BlockingCollection before, this is just another follow-up post.
  4. JavaScript: The Synchronous Explanation of Asynchronous Programming; it tells more details how to handle async callback with WebAPI, Message Queue and Event Loop.
  5. How Do You Measure the Success (or Failure) of Your UX Design? it talks about 2 ideas I didn’t hear before – Google HEART framework and System Usability Scale.
  6. CSS Pro Tips; provide list of CSS tips to make you become CSS Pro

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